empire dress style fits almost all types of bodies


Each bride love different style in . Some prefer sweet, others prefer romantic. Don t worry about it, since there are various wedding dresses even . If you have a petite or small body figure, then must be on the list of gowns for your fitting. This style of vintage wedding dress will give more focus on the bust. The seams just below the bust line which run transversely towards the hem with no interruption can effectively elongate your body and thus make you seem and look taller than your real height. In general, empire dress style fits almost all types of bodies.

The rest of the dress flows all the way to the hem from the raised waistline at the line beneath the bust. You can pair it with sleeves or straps that are widely set apart or with a square-shaped neckline. Similar to the A-line style, are also versatile in a way that it can be suitable and be modified according to the level of formality you require. Empire dresses can be enhanced with other design alternatives to create the desired general appearance of the dress because of the area where the waistline is placed. An empire dress can be made with different styles and length of sleeves. It can have a set of long sleeves or bell sleeves to fit a Renaissance winter wedding.

The empire dress may also be made without sleeves to perfectly suit an outdoor summer occasion. Likewise the style of the skirt too can be modified according to the level or kind of silhouette the bride desires. The main concept is that an empire dress contours the body and flows freely. For the best possible movement from the waistline, the dress may be made with lighter fabrics. If you want to have a romantic look, you may use layer of chiffon over your base fabric. Better yet create tiered layers or make the dress in petal-like arrangement which gently lies on top of one another at the front. You may also use lace to add texture and detail to a simple empire dress. In addition, two contrasting fabrics may be paired to produce a great looking empire dress or gown. Accents and embellishments on the fabric can also be used to create the desired appearance or effect on the bride who wears it. This style of dress, as just mentioned is perfect for brides with smaller bust, and so to make the attention more focused on the neckline and chest, using delicate beading and capped sleeves can be created with the dress to make an illusion of a bust that is fuller.

Apart from making the bust fuller, empire dress can also be used to conceal bigger busts. The large size of the bust may be minimized by using the square neckline with the empire dress style. You may also use a scoop neck as modest covering for the big breasts. If you have a long torso, if your legs are short or your body is shaped like a pear, you can also use the empire dress to hide your body flaws. For me, each bride is always the most beautiful on her big day as we can see such a happy smile on other people s face except bride.

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